Pre-Listing Inspections

Home Inspections for Sellers

Putting your home on the market can be unnerving, especially if you think it might have hidden issues. Take the worry out of listing; schedule a SureSafe Home Inspection. 

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection


Confidently put your house on the market knowing the condition of your property. With a SureSafe Pre-listing Inspection, you’ll even have the opportunity to fix issues prior to listing. 

SureSafe Pre-listing Inspections can also instill confidence in the buyer, leading to less negotiation. 


Because you’ve had the opportunity to identify and fix potential issues, your home will be more attractive to buyers, possibly leading to more offers faster. 

Buyers may also elect to reduce their due diligence period if you provide them with a SureSafe Pre-listing Inspection report. 


Homes listed after a SureSafe Pre-Listing Inspection may enjoy an increased price point since a buyers’ trust in your home is higher. 

Sharing a SureSafe Pre-listing Inspection report and corresponding repairs may give your home a competitive advantage in the market.

" SureSafe Pre-listing Inspections are honest, transparent, and thorough, allowing our clients to list their home with confidence. "
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David Decker
owner / Lead inspector